What's Our Track Record?
Our first Ecommerce store "The Gear Gods" that we took from $0 to over $200k in less than a year.
A client that struggled to turn their website visitors into sales. We took over their Facebook Ads and shortly after showed them a $29k month!
What would a $3,000 DAY do for your business? It changed everything for this client who sold home and garden products.
Colina and Hripsime 
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Stephen and Stevie are pros. They’ve helped craft a smart social marketing strategy for the long-term. They took the time to understand our business needs and helped amplify our millennial brand. Because of their diligent work ethic, intelligent and strong marketing skills, we trust them to manage our Facebook initiatives. Anyone looking to grow their online presence should definitely work these guys! 
This dropshipping client was able to experience over 4X return on ad spend. We turned $11k into $52k! Are you ready for that kind of return?
More WINS! 4X return on ad spend, $7k into $30k. Like Clockwork. 
*NOTE: the names of some of our clients cannot be disclosed due to Non-Disclosure Agreements between us and our clients. This is strictly to protect the privacy of our clients. 
Chris Keyz
Keyz Legacy LLC
"These guys are incredible. They helped my scale my ecommerce business to the next level and the marketing strategies they showed me blew my mind! They took their time and made sure I understood everything they were teaching me. Big shout out to Vamp LIVE, you guys are the best."
Culturally Beautiful
Online Women's Clothing Store
The Challenge: 
This fashion brand out of Chicago came to us with 0 data, $0 in revenue generated, and 0 strategy for growth.

The Strategy:
We ran a series of rapid fire testing campaigns to gain insight on their target audience and which products were resonating with that audience. Once we collected all the data necessary we began strategically scaling and optimizing their ads.

The Results:
We found a winning product and crafted a series of up-sells, cross-sales, and down-sales to increase the average order value. Within 2 months we sold over 500 units.
Stephen Blackburn
Stephen Johnson
Our Co-Founder, Stephen Blackburn, mentoring business owners on Facebook Ads.
Our Co-Founder, Stephen Johnson, training the marketing department of a 
7 figure start up company.
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